We use high efficiency, easy maintenance horizontal mixers.
These mixers are sanitized every day and the ATP verification system is used to ensure efficiency.
The existing fluxogram, as well as the purposefully created internal allergens policy, ensure that there is no cross-contamination.


We ensure that the quality of the product is maintained during its shelf life by using packaging materials that are suitable to the product's characteristics.
F. Duarte provides packaging in different quantities according to the client's needs.

PA/PE Bags

F. Duarte also owns equipment to manufacture PA/PE bags (Polyamide / Poliethylene) in different sizes, which means it can meet the needs of most of the retail market.


The HSTS (High Temperature Steam Treatment) ensures pathogens are eliminated and the microbial load is reduced without affecting the organoleptic quality of the food ingredients, whilst guaranteeing the quality of all the products they may be added to.